Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tool Numero Uno! I am a Blogger!

Creating (another) Blog was--- a life changing experience.  I felt moved beyond belief.  Some day I will go to church, and I will tell the Pastor how this event changed me, and I am certain it will inspire others. In fact, I feel compelled to begin a charity for those less fortunate who cannot Blog! After all, the world needs more opinions!


  1. Was that profile picture taken in the library? We get love books. I must thank you for inspiring me to retake my photo and if you don't mind helping me out, meet me after school...bring a camera and a canvas bag of graphing calculators (ask Ms. Blair where you can find one.) I look forward to reading Tool Número Dos...

  2. When are you doing laundry? I'm down to my last clean underwears. Nice Blog.

  3. Do I detect a note of sarcasm in your blog?
    Love the Spanish! I thought you said you didn't speak it.
    By the way, I bust a gut listening to your Voki recite the Cummings poem. Gracias!